ADDFIN CIRCLE simplifies the financial information distribution. Product information, Fact-Sheets, Financial Events, Financial company providers and much more. The circle puts your needs at center.



ADDFIN CIRCLE - delivers information to ADDFIN WEALTH


Get the information you need from the market in a modern tool for wealth managers

ADDFIN Circle is combined into addfin wealth to support addfin wealth clients with up to date financial information.



The circle provide to a range of different service providers experts (SPE) the possibility to present and promote their service and products to a dedicated user group. 

Circle Feeder’s

Distribute your information over the ADDFIN Circle platform to thousands of financial information seekers.

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Circle Seeker’s

Get informed over the financial topics you desire when ADDFIN Cirlce goes public.

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Get the advantage to become one of the first 100 seekers in the platform and profit from unlimited lifetime feeds.
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